Alarm Clock - 闹钟 - nàozhōng


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Phrase Dictionary

  1. 请把闹钟设为七点。 (Qǐng bǎ nàozhōng shè wéi qī diǎn.)
    • 请 (Qǐng): please
    • 把 (bǎ): (preposition used to shift the object to before the verb)
    • 闹钟 (nàozhōng): alarm clock
      • 闹 (nào): noisy, alarm
      • 钟 (zhōng): clock
    • 设 (shè): set, establish
    • 为 (wéi): for, to
    • 七点 (qī diǎn): 7 o'clock
      • 七 (qī): seven
      • 点 (diǎn): point, o'clock
  2. 闹钟没响。 (Nàozhōng méi xiǎng.)
    • 闹钟 (Nàozhōng): alarm clock
    • 没 (méi): not, did not
    • 响 (xiǎng): ring, sound
  3. 我每天用闹钟叫醒。 (Wǒ měitiān yòng nàozhōng jiàoxǐng.)
    • 我 (Wǒ): I, me
    • 每天 (měitiān): every day
    • 用 (yòng): use
    • 闹钟 (nàozhōng): alarm clock
    • 叫醒 (jiàoxǐng): wake up, awaken
      • 叫 (jiào): call, cry
      • 醒 (xǐng): awake, wake up
  4. 闹钟在床头柜上。 (Nàozhōng zài chuángtóuguì shàng.)
    • 闹钟 (Nàozhōng): alarm clock
    • 在 (zài): on, at
    • 床头柜 (chuángtóuguì): bedside table
      • 床头 (chuángtóu): bedside, head of the bed
      • 柜 (guì): cabinet, cupboard
    • 上 (shàng): on, above
  5. 这个闹钟很响亮。 (Zhège nàozhōng hěn xiǎngliàng.)
    • 这个 (Zhège): this
    • 闹钟 (nàozhōng): alarm clock
    • 很 (hěn): very
    • 响亮 (xiǎngliàng): loud, resonant
      • 响 (xiǎng): sound, ring
      • 亮 (liàng): bright, loud

Phrases and Translations

    1. 请把闹钟设为七点。
      • English: Please set the alarm clock for 7 o'clock.
      • Pinyin: Qǐng bǎ nàozhōng shè wéi qī diǎn.
    2. 闹钟没响。
      • English: The alarm clock didn't ring.
      • Pinyin: Nàozhōng méi xiǎng.
    3. 我每天用闹钟叫醒。
      • English: I wake up to the alarm clock every day.
      • Pinyin: Wǒ měitiān yòng nàozhōng jiàoxǐng.
    4. 闹钟在床头柜上。
      • English: The alarm clock is on the bedside table.
      • Pinyin: Nàozhōng zài chuángtóuguì shàng.
    5. 这个闹钟很响亮。
      • English: This alarm clock is very loud.
      • Pinyin: Zhège nàozhōng hěn xiǎngliàng.

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