Dresser - 梳妆台 - shūzhuāng tái


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Phrase Dictionary

  1. 请把首饰放在梳妆台上。 (Qǐng bǎ shǒushì fàng zài shūzhuāng tái shàng.)
    • 请 (Qǐng): please
    • 把 (bǎ): (preposition used to shift the object to before the verb)
    • 首饰 (shǒushì): jewelry
      • 首 (shǒu): head, first
      • 饰 (shì): adornment, decoration
    • 放 (fàng): put, place
    • 在 (zài): in, at
    • 梳妆台 (shūzhuāng tái): dresser, vanity
      • 梳 (shū): comb
      • 妆 (zhuāng): makeup
      • 台 (tái): platform, stand
    • 上 (shàng): on, above
  2. 梳妆台上有一面镜子。 (Shūzhuāng tái shàng yǒu yī miàn jìngzi.)
    • 梳妆台 (Shūzhuāng tái): dresser
    • 上 (shàng): on, above
    • 有 (yǒu): have, there is
    • 一面 (yī miàn): one (measure word for mirrors)
    • 镜子 (jìngzi): mirror
      • 镜 (jìng): mirror
      • 子 (zi): (suffix with no specific meaning, often used to form a noun)
  3. 她在梳妆台前化妆。 (Tā zài shūzhuāng tái qián huàzhuāng.)
    • 她 (Tā): she, her
    • 在 (zài): at, in
    • 梳妆台 (shūzhuāng tái): dresser
    • 前 (qián): in front of, before
    • 化妆 (huàzhuāng): do makeup
      • 化 (huà): change, transform
      • 妆 (zhuāng): makeup
  4. 梳妆台很乱,需要整理。 (Shūzhuāng tái hěn luàn, xūyào zhěnglǐ.)
    • 梳妆台 (Shūzhuāng tái): dresser
    • 很 (hěn): very
    • 乱 (luàn): messy, disordered
    • 需要 (xūyào): need, require
    • 整理 (zhěnglǐ): organize, arrange
  5. 我把护肤品放在梳妆台上。 (Wǒ bǎ hùfūpǐn fàng zài shūzhuāng tái shàng.)
    • 我 (Wǒ): I, me
    • 把 (bǎ): (preposition used to shift the object to before the verb)
    • 护肤品 (hùfūpǐn): skincare products
      • 护 (hù): protect, guard
      • 肤 (fū): skin
      • 品 (pǐn): product, item
    • 放 (fàng): put, place
    • 在 (zài): in, at
    • 梳妆台 (shūzhuāng tái): dresser
    • 上 (shàng): on, above

Phrases and Translations

    1. 请把首饰放在梳妆台上。
      • English: Please put the jewelry on the dresser.
      • Pinyin: Qǐng bǎ shǒushì fàng zài shūzhuāng tái shàng.
    2. 梳妆台上有一面镜子。
      • English: There is a mirror on the dresser.
      • Pinyin: Shūzhuāng tái shàng yǒu yī miàn jìngzi.
    3. 她在梳妆台前化妆。
      • English: She is doing her makeup at the dresser.
      • Pinyin: Tā zài shūzhuāng tái qián huàzhuāng.
    4. 梳妆台很乱,需要整理。
      • English: The dresser is messy and needs to be organized.
      • Pinyin: Shūzhuāng tái hěn luàn, xūyào zhěnglǐ.
    5. 我把护肤品放在梳妆台上。
      • English: I keep my skincare products on the dresser.
      • Pinyin: Wǒ bǎ hùfūpǐn fàng zài shūzhuāng tái shàng.


  1. Function of 把 (bǎ):
    • "把" is a preposition that is used to shift the object of the sentence (in this case, "首饰" or "jewelry") to a position before the main verb ("放" or "put/place"). This structure allows for emphasizing what is being done to the object, or the handling of the object, rather than the action itself.
  2. Sentence Structure with 把:
    • The basic structure when using "把" is: Subject + 把 + Object + Verb + Other Elements.
    • In "请把首饰放在梳妆台上。", the structure is: [请 (Please)] + [把] + [首饰 (jewelry)] + [放 (put)] + [在梳妆台上 (on the dresser)].
    • The use of "把" changes the focus of the sentence to the object ("jewelry") and what's happening to it (being placed on the dresser), rather than just the action of placing.
  3. Purpose and Nuance:
    • Using "把" in a sentence can add clarity, especially when the sentence involves a specific action being done to an object, and you want to highlight the result or status of that object after the action is taken.
    • It's commonly used in instructions or when the speaker wants to emphasize the handling, manipulation, or transformation of the object.

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