Window - 窗户 - chuānghù


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Phrase Dictionary

  1. 请打开窗户通风。 (Qǐng dǎkāi chuānghù tōngfēng.)
    • 请 (Qǐng): please
    • 打开 (dǎkāi): open
      • 打 (dǎ): hit, strike (but in this context, part of the compound meaning "to open")
      • 开 (kāi): open
    • 窗户 (chuānghù): window
      • 窗 (chuāng): window
      • 户 (hù): door, household (but in this compound, it refers to "window")
    • 通风 (tōngfēng): ventilation
      • 通 (tōng): through, communicate
      • 风 (fēng): wind, air
  2. 窗户外面有一棵树。 (Chuānghù wàimiàn yǒu yī kē shù.)
    • 窗户 (Chuānghù): window
    • 外面 (wàimiàn): outside
    • 有 (yǒu): have, there is
    • 一棵 (yī kē): one (measure word for trees)
    • 树 (shù): tree
  3. 窗户被风吹关了。 (Chuānghù bèi fēng chuī guān le.)
    • 窗户 (Chuānghù): window
    • 被 (bèi): by (used to form a passive voice)
    • 风 (fēng): wind
    • 吹 (chuī): blow
    • 关 (guān): close, shut
    • 了 (le): (particle indicating completed action)
  4. 这个窗户很难打开。 (Zhège chuānghù hěn nán dǎkāi.)
    • 这个 (Zhège): this
    • 窗户 (chuānghù): window
    • 很 (hěn): very
    • 难 (nán): difficult, hard
    • 打开 (dǎkāi): open
  5. 我在窗户边看书。 (Wǒ zài chuānghù biān kànshū.)
    • 我 (Wǒ): I, me
    • 在 (zài): at, in
    • 窗户 (chuānghù): window
    • 边 (biān): side, edge
    • 看书 (kànshū): read a book
      • 看 (kàn): see, look at, read
      • 书 (shū): book

Phrases and Translations

    1. 请打开窗户通风。
      • English: Please open the window for ventilation.
      • Pinyin: Qǐng dǎkāi chuānghù tōngfēng.
    2. 窗户外面有一棵树。
      • English: There is a tree outside the window.
      • Pinyin: Chuānghù wàimiàn yǒu yī kē shù.
    3. 窗户被风吹关了。
      • English: The window was blown shut by the wind.
      • Pinyin: Chuānghù bèi fēng chuī guān le.
    4. 这个窗户很难打开。
      • English: This window is hard to open.
      • Pinyin: Zhège chuānghù hěn nán dǎkāi.
    5. 我在窗户边看书。
      • English: I am reading a book by the window.
      • Pinyin: Wǒ zài chuānghù biān kànshū.

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