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The following text translation breaks down each word individually so you can follow along with the audio or use it as a quick reference.

Phrase Dictionary

  1. la bibliothèque = The Bookcase
  2. French: “Ma bibliothèque est pleine de romans.”
    English: “My bookshelf is full of novels.”

    • Ma = My
    • bibliothèque = bookshelf (in this context)
    • est = is
    • pleine = full
    • de = of
    • romans = novels

Words of Interest

The word “bibliothèque” in French has two primary meanings:

  1. Library (as a place): When used in the context of a public or private place where books, magazines, and other materials are available for reading or borrowing, “bibliothèque” translates to “library” in English. For example, “Je vais à la bibliothèque pour étudier” means “I’m going to the library to study.”
  2. Bookshelf or Bookcase (as a piece of furniture): When used in the context of furniture, “bibliothèque” refers to a bookshelf or a bookcase, which is a piece of furniture with shelves for storing books. For example, “J’ai acheté une nouvelle bibliothèque pour mon salon” means “I bought a new bookshelf for my living room.”

The context in which “bibliothèque” is used determines whether it is referring to a library as a place or a bookshelf as a piece of furniture.