Coffee Table – 咖啡桌 – Kāfēi zhuō

Text Translation Below

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Phrases and Translations

  1. Kāfēi zhuō shì mù zhì de.
    The coffee table is made of wood.

Phrase Dictionary

  1. 咖啡桌是木制的。 (Kāfēi zhuō shì mù zhì de.)
    • 咖啡桌 (Kāfēi zhuō) – Coffee table
    • 是 (Shì) – Is
    • 木制 (Mù zhì) – Made of wood
    • 的 (De) – (particle to form an adjective phrase)

Words of Interest

In Mandarin Chinese, both 茶几 (chá jī) and 咖啡桌 (kāfēi zhuō) can be used to refer to a coffee table. However, there are some nuances:

  1. 茶几 (chá jī): This term is more commonly used in everyday conversation to refer to a small table, typically used in a living room to place tea, drinks, or other items. It can be considered a more general term for a low table.
  2. 咖啡桌 (kāfēi zhuō): This term is more specific and directly translates to “coffee table.” It is used to refer to the type of table specifically designed for placing coffee or similar beverages, often found in a living room setting.

In practice, both terms are used interchangeably, and the choice between them may depend on personal preference or regional dialect.