Meat – 肉 – Ròu

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The following text translation breaks down each word individually so you can follow along with the audio or use it as a quick reference.

Phrase Dictionary

  1. Meat = 肉 Ròu
  2. 这块肉很嫩。 (Zhè kuài ròu hěn nèn.): This piece of meat is very tender.
    • 这 (Zhè): this
    • 块 (kuài): piece (measure word for a piece of something)
    • 肉 (ròu): meat
    • 很 (hěn): very
    • 嫩 (nèn): tender, soft


Phrases and Translations

  1. 这块肉很嫩。
    • English: This piece of meat is very tender.
    • Pinyin: Zhè kuài ròu hěn nèn.

Words of Interest

The character “块” (kuài) is a measure word in Mandarin Chinese that is used to refer to a piece or chunk of something. It is commonly used with objects that are solid and can be physically separated into pieces or chunks. Here are some examples of its usage:

  1. 一块蛋糕 (yī kuài dàngāo) – A piece of cake
  2. 一块石头 (yī kuài shítou) – A piece of stone
  3. 一块巧克力 (yī kuài qiǎokèlì) – A piece of chocolate
  4. 一块肉 (yī kuài ròu) – A piece of meat

In each of these examples, “块” (kuài) is used to quantify a piece or chunk of the noun it is paired with. It is a versatile measure word that can be used with a variety of solid objects.