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Mandarin: Language Learning Stickers

With 2 HOURS of Audio!

Scan the QR Code on each sticker for the correct pronunciation of each word, and quickly access audio containing phrases and translations about common household items.

Our range of “Around the Home” Language Learning Stickers are designed to help you leverage the “Method of Loci” learning tool. Method of Loci or more commonly known as “Memory Palace” is a method learning that uses spatial awareness to enhance long term memory retention. Click to read more about the “Method of Loci”

105 Stickers Per Pack!

Each pack of Language Learning Stickers comes with 100 names of common household objects, and 5 stickers that can be used make learning more engaging and fun.

Games to be played

Scan the “Do it!” QR code and learn while playing fun games the whole family can enjoy.

“Go to the kitchen and stand on one leg”
“Balance a piece of Fruit on your head”
“Poke your tongue out at the Television”

Diglot Weave Short Stories

Access our dual language short stories just by scanning the “Short Story” QR code. New short stories are added regularly.
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Listen and learn

Scan the “Weekly Song” QR Code and learn the lyrics to a popular song in the native language of your choice. Learn more about Learning a Language by Listening to Music

Play Find A Word

Scan the find a word QR code, listen to a random word on your list and see if you can be the first in the family to find the location of the object.

*Audio library at the time of sale may be less than 2 hours. More Audio is being added daily.


Each Foreign Language Learning Sticker Pack Includes More Than 2 Hours Of Online Audio

空调 – kōngtiáo

Phrase Dictionary

  1. Air Conditioner = 空调 kōngtiáo
  2. 空调很冷。 (Kōngtiáo hěn lěng.): The air conditioner is cold.
    • 空调 (Kōngtiáo): air conditioner
      • 空 (kōng): air, empty
      • 调 (tiáo): adjust, regulate
    • 很 (hěn): very
    • 冷 (lěng): cold


Phrases and Translations


  • English: The air conditioner is cold.
  • Pinyin: Kōngtiáo hěn lěng.

冰箱 – Bīngxiāng

Phrase Dictionary

  1. 冰箱 (Bīngxiāng) – Refrigerator
  2. 冰箱里有水果。 (Bīngxiāng lǐ yǒu shuǐguǒ.)
    • 冰箱 (Bīngxiāng) – Refrigerator
    • 里 (Lǐ) – In
    • 有 (Yǒu) – There is / Have
    • 水果 (Shuǐguǒ) – Fruit
  3. 冰箱很冷。 (Bīngxiāng hěn lěng.)
    • 冰箱 (Bīngxiāng) – Refrigerator
    • 很 (Hěn) – Very
    • 冷 (Lěng) – Cold

Phrases and Translations

    1. 冰箱里有水果。
      • Pinyin: Bīngxiāng lǐ yǒu shuǐguǒ.
      • English: There is fruit in the refrigerator.
    2. 冰箱很冷。
      • Pinyin: Bīngxiāng hěn lěng.
      • English: The refrigerator is very cold.

卧室- Wòshì

Phrase Dictionary

  1. 卧室很宽敞。 (Wòshì hěn kuānchǎng.): The bedroom is very spacious.
    • 卧室 (Wòshì): bedroom
      • 卧 (wò): lie down, sleep
      • 室 (shì): room
    • 很 (hěn): very
    • 宽敞 (kuānchǎng): spacious, roomy
      • 宽 (kuān): wide, broad
      • 敞 (chǎng): open, spacious

Phrases and Translations


  • English: The bedroom is very spacious.
  • Pinyin: Wòshì hěn kuānchǎng.