Learn French by Listening to Music

Instructions: Press play on the video, then click the words below as the lyrics are sung. Learn the French words to each line of the song and when you’re done move onto the next line. Learning French by Listening to music is fun and easy.
You can keep pace with the song as each line is sung or click ahead to study sections you need to practice and wait for the song to catch up.

1. Vocabulary Introduction:

  • Pourquoi : "Why." Used to ask for reasons or explanations.
  • s'acharner : "To persist stubbornly" or "to insist." The reflexive form of the verb "acharner," which means to continue in a determined or obstinate way, often against difficulties or with excessive zeal.

2. Grammar and Structure:
The phrase is a question, starting with the adverb "Pourquoi," asking for the reason behind an action. It is followed by the reflexive verb "s'acharner," which in this form suggests that the subject of the verb is acting upon themselves, indicating an internal or self-directed action. The structure of the question "Pourquoi s'acharner?" is straightforward, asking why someone continues to put effort into something despite difficulties or little chance of success.

3. Translation and Meaning:
Word-for-word translation: "Why persist stubbornly?" Natural English translation: "Why keep trying so hard?"

4. Conveying Nuance:
This question often carries a tone of exasperation or concern. It's typically used to question the wisdom of continuing a difficult, seemingly pointless, or unrewarding task.

5. Language Learning through Music:
Utilizing phrases like "Pourquoi s'acharner?" in the context of music can greatly enhance the process of learning French. Music allows learners to experience language in a way that connects with emotions and cultural expressions, making it a powerful vehicle for understanding nuanced phrases. It also aids in memorization and pronunciation, as the melody can help to embed phrases in memory. This approach to language learning is not only effective but also provides a pleasurable experience, as it combines cultural appreciation with the development of language skills.

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Dernière Danse by Indila

1 / 8

What is the English translation of: recommences

2 / 8

What is the English translation of: Tu

3 / 8

What is the English translation of: s'acharner?

4 / 8

What is the English translation of: Pourquoi

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What is the French translation of: start again

6 / 8

What is the French translation of: You

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What is the French translation of: persist

8 / 8

What is the French translation of: Why

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