A Diglot Weave Short Story


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Diglot Weave French Short Story - A Ghost Story

Lvl 2 Verbs

“Come and trouver me.”

poser down and reposer upon the soft herbe that is nourri by the chair that once couvert my os. Bones, that once shallowly enterré, now lay bare and bleached, among the fallen branches and tangled in thick herbe far from the path you peut no longer trouver.

Though there may être terre where my yeux once were, I will voir you as you approcher. I will lay my ghostly mains upon you. I am lonely here, so far from the pas of the living, I will lay my mains upon you, and you will être my amour.

And as années ago when my amour who laid me down, having mené me here to this quiet place with whispered promises of devotion, and with a pierre upon my front pris my future années and éclaboussé them next to my sang upon the ground, so I too devra lay you down.

The dappled lumière du soleil through the arbres will aveugle you, and warm and gentle brise devra calme you.

But my toucher will not être as pierre, you will sentir my main upon your front and I will chuchoter to you ‘Be calme my amour, breath deeply and sleep’ and the world will tomber away, you will dériver into a peaceful sommeil and I will tirer you down into my étreinte so that you may rejoindre me here in this soft terre forever.

And we devra lay deep in the forêt on the pentes of The colline and none devra trouver us. You will lay with me and those who have come before you, together forever. Until once more I softly appeler to the solitary voyageur passing by "Come and trouver me".

Diglot Weave: Lvl 3 Nouns & Verbs – A Ghost Story

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冰箱 – Bīngxiāng

Phrase Dictionary

  1. 冰箱 (Bīngxiāng) – Refrigerator
  2. 冰箱里有水果。 (Bīngxiāng lǐ yǒu shuǐguǒ.)
    • 冰箱 (Bīngxiāng) – Refrigerator
    • 里 (Lǐ) – In
    • 有 (Yǒu) – There is / Have
    • 水果 (Shuǐguǒ) – Fruit
  3. 冰箱很冷。 (Bīngxiāng hěn lěng.)
    • 冰箱 (Bīngxiāng) – Refrigerator
    • 很 (Hěn) – Very
    • 冷 (Lěng) – Cold

Phrases and Translations

    1. 冰箱里有水果。
      • Pinyin: Bīngxiāng lǐ yǒu shuǐguǒ.
      • English: There is fruit in the refrigerator.
    2. 冰箱很冷。
      • Pinyin: Bīngxiāng hěn lěng.
      • English: The refrigerator is very cold.


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